Changing the lives of orphans and vulnerable children through education

We provide educational opportunities and health care for the orphans and vulnerable children who need it most.

We develop strong relationships with local communities and grassroots NGOs.

We build positive connections between our Israeli and Tanzanian communities.



By supporting orphans and vulnerable children to access education, we empower them to overcome adversity and become independent in the long-term. Lifting a single child out of poverty helps not only that child, but their family and community, helping to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty.

HalevAfrica starts by identifying children who lack educational opportunities due to their family situation or life circumstances. We then find a suitable school for them and put in place a comprehensive support system, covering all the expenses for tuition and supplies, as well as medical and emotional needs. HalevAfrica commits to every child for the length of their primary education and continues to support those accepted into government secondary schools for the duration of their schooling.

Children are chosen for inclusion in HalevAfrica’s program following recommendations from local community leaders, a home visit and conversations with their relatives and careers to confirm their family situation and eligibility.

Once a donor is found to support that child, HalevAfrica takes care of all the necessary arrangements – school matching, exams to align their academic level to the school, and health checkups.
Once a child is accepted, we accompany them to their new school to make sure they feel welcome and comfortable.

We also provide our children with access to quality health care with timely and adequate treatment, reducing the financial burden on their caregivers and helping to head off medical issues as soon as they arise.

Extracurricular activities

Once a quarter, HalevAfrica provides children in its programs and those from remote villages with special extracurricular activities designed to allow them to explore and interact with the outside world in a way that improves their strength, speed, motor skills, confidence and creativity.

These activities reinforce the children’s teamwork, determination and leadership skills and give them an appreciation of their potential and capabilities.

Participation in these activities fuels the children’s curiosity and interest in learning and leaves them with positive memories that will last a lifetime.

Ruthie's Children

In Grateful Memory of Ruth Barr, Bat Sarah.

Ruth Barr gifted in her will a donation to HalevAfrica in order to allow the organization to support additional children. Ruth was a free spirit. She was creative and self-taught. She loved to travel and always sought ways in which to help others in need. Ruth lost her mother, Sarah, at a young age. 

In her honor, HalevAfrica has established the Ruthie’s Children project, through which 7 children who have lost their own mothers will receive educational, health and social needs support based on their individual needs.  

HalevAfrica honors the memory of Ruth Bat Sarah.

May her spirit inspire others to action.

Community and partnership

HalevAfrica builds strong connections with companies and communities who want to make a difference!

One of our major partners is Africa & More, an Israeli company that provides comprehensive and extensive logistics services, with an emphasis on uncompromising professionalism.

Every year we collect, sort and send 20 big boxes filled with clothes, shoes, toys, books and other necessities to Tanzania. Africa & More take care of the transportation and delivery of the goods from Israel to Tanzania. This wonderful contribution builds bridges between our Israeli and Tanzanian communities.

Some of our donors use these boxes to send special gifts or letters to the children they are supporting.

The HalevAfrica family is committed to working with the children’s home communities
 to give participating children an opportunity to learn and grow.