HalevAfrica’s mission is to give orphans and vulnerable children the necessary educational opportunities to lift themselves up from extreme poverty long term.


Ayelet Israeli-Aharonof founded HalevAfrica (The Heart of Africa) in January 2019. A social entrepreneur, dance teacher, holistic health consultant and mother of two, on her 50th birthday Ayelet decided to go on a personal volunteering journey to an orphanage in Tanzania. There she met children living in horrific conditions, neglected and without an education.

Social workers brought some of the children to the orphanage, many of them after their parents had died of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, whilst others were abandoned by parents who could no longer afford to care for them. 

This life-changing experience led Ayelet to leave behind her previous business and lifestyle and begin dividing her time between Tanzania and Israel.

Her desire to help the orphans she met was absolute and unwavering. She founded HalevAfrica together with an equally passionate team of Israeli partners — all united in the belief that a better world is possible and that we should always take action to repair and improve the lives of others, pursuing the Jewish principle of “Tikkun Olam”.

Since then, and with the support of the many loving hearts who have joined the HalevAfrica family, the organization has evolved from helping a small group of children to supporting hundreds of orphans, vulnerable children, families and communities from across Tanzania.

In 2022, Ayelet was recognized for her humanitarian work as one of ten
Israelis doing the most good abroad by the Israeli news website Ynet.

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children participating in extracurricular activities.
adoptive families from Israel and around the world.
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percent increase in primary school graduation among participants.
hours of additional tuition provided to the orphans in school, to help them catch up with their peers.
items delivered from Israel to children in need in Tanzania.


Meet the passionate people behind our mission,
 who go above and beyond for our children.

Ilan shvartzman

CEO Africa&more

Ronit Yehuda


Omri Regev

co-founder & Technology manager

Kami Nir Fridman


Ayelet Israeli-Aharonof

founder & CEO

Alfred Michael

local partner

Emanuel Steven Kessy

local team

Baraka Mkoongo

local team

Ally Said Kaniki

local team manager

Ron Kaspit

Marketing manager

Marko Mtui

 local partner

Linner Paul

 local partner

Veronica Saimon Lukumay

local partner

Diomedi paskali

local partner

Peter Samali

local partner

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