How can you help?

Our effort to transform lives is only a vision without your participation.
Thank you for your consideration to be a part and donate.

We are looking for dedicated donors to join HalevAfrica family by giving the children access to proper education, health insurance and basic needs.

We would love if you stay with us for the long term (even with donating small amounts) in order to make sure our children support will not be stopped and cut their progress and schooling, but it’s up to you 😊
Of course after you join us for the long term we will update you with the children progress and growth throughout their studies.

A scholarship for the school year costs 65$ per month, or 780$ per year.
You can choose to support a child’s education and health insurance on your own, or join a group that supports one child together.
All donations from 55$ and up are tax deductible in Israel, US and UK.

Our scholarships includes:

Our scholarships includes:
school fees, transportation,
health insurance, 
study equipment,
personal equipment,
pocket money.

Pocket money

a very small amount of money for drinks and sweets for weekends


Medical treatments

Study equipment

Personal accompaniment

School fees

registration and payment for the school year includes three meals a day

Fundraise for us

Inspire your community to donate for a special event or just because you want to make a difference, we will help you with everything you need to make it successful!
Do you have an idea?
Were excited to hear about it!
Please contact us at to find out more.

Partner with us

If you or your company share our mission and would like to support our work with some of Tanzanian most vulnerable children be in touch with us

Join us and spread the word on social media

Social media is a great way to share our mission and activity with others.
Your voice, your friends and your good will can help us also,
sometimes a good connection is a big support too!
Thank you 😊

Leave a Legacy of Hope

A gift in your will can ensure the education and welfare of a child, or multiple children, who are currently at high risk of abuse, neglect or poor health. Add HaLevAfrica to your will today, or share our story with loved ones who may wish to leave a Legacy of Hope in their will.

In memoriam donations in honor of those who have passed will allow their legacy of love to continue after their deaths.

If you have any questions about gifting legacy or in memoriam donations to HalevAfrica, contact us on .